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Go Green in support of Mental Health Awareness in May!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the color for mental health awareness is green.

The Anderson Mental Health Collaborative is asking local businesses, schools and community organizations to create a supportive environment around mental wellness by going green for mental health.

Here’s how:


  • Pick a day for staff to wear green OR wear a mental health sticker (or both!). Request FREE stickers for your employees by emailing the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce at

  • Post pics on social media with the hashtag #MentalHealthMatters

  • Put a message on your business sign i.e. Go Green for Mental Health or We Support Mental Wellness


  • Pick a day for students and staff to wear green for mental health (FHSD will be wearing green on May 13th).

  • Post pics on social media #MentalHealthMatters

  • Put a message on school signs


  • Gather friends and family to wear green and post a picture on social media

  • Make a sign for your front yard with a positive mental health message

  • Chalk your sidewalks with positive messages i.e. We Care, You Are Special, or simply, Have a Nice Day!

  • Put a positive message on your car

  • Be creative! Come up with your own ideas and share them on social media

Please Go Green for Mental Health so that our community can stop the stigma and encourage people to seek the help they need. Mental health matters!

Questions? Contact Dee Stone at

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